Arrival options

Via the airports of Alicante, Murcia, Almeria, Malaga, Granada, a low-cost journey is possible from 19 euros per flight (Ryanair). Sports luggage, bike typically from 60 euros per flight. From the airport to the start in your own rental car. 

Person plane

Bike through Orga

Battery through Orga

Delivery of bike, battery, luggage

2 weeks before the event

in 72535 Heroldstatt (Germany)

Pick up 2 weeks later

Person plane

Bike Plane

Battery through Orga

Send the battery to the organisation 2 weeks before the event.

Self-organised bike transport with bike pack on the plane

Rental battery possible through the organisation. Mehr Info

Person plane / car

Bike own service team

Battery own service team

The entry fee is reduced considerably if you travel yourself. Mehr Info

Bike pickup

E-Bike Desert Challenge

Ligusterweg, 5, 72535 Heroldstatt


Place of event 

Mojacar Spain