The participation is possible with a normal E-MTB.


Three categories

Bike 25 / limited to 25 km/h

Bike 25+ / Bike 25 with dongel

Bike Open / max 2 KW engine


Bike 25 max 1900 Wh

Bike 25+ max 2100 Wh

Bike Open max 2400 Wh

Details Regulations

Safety equipment

Bike 25 Helmet + Protectors

Bike 25+ Fullface + Protectors

Bike Open Fullface + Protectors + Protector shirt

Details Regulations

FAQ Akku

Do I have to carry the second battery in my backpack during the stage?

No, it is possible to give the battery to the organization and change it at the stopover. However, experience has shown that it is strategically better to take the battery in your backpack to make the best use of its capacity.


Where can I charge my battery?

In the evening in the hotel at the socket or at outside camps at an power generator of the organisation

In the evening 

It is not permitted to take the battery on board the aircraft. How does my bike with battery come to Morocco?

There are three possibilities.

A Transport of bicycle, battery and luggage from Heroldstatt near Ulm (D) by the organization (Service Level Premium)

B Transportation of luggage and bicycle in the airplane with Bikepack. (Service Level Pro) & Sending the battery by mail to the organization according to 72535 Heroldstatt Ligusterweg 5 in Germany.

C Transport of bike, battery and luggage from your home by your service team (Service Level Standard)