Do I have to take the second battery with me in my backpack during the stage ?

No there is the possibility to give the battery to the organisation and to change the battery at the stopover. But experience shows that it's strategically better to take the battery with you in your backpack so that you can optimally use the capacity of the battery.


Where can I charge my battery?

In the evening in the hotel at the power socket or in the case of outdoor camps at the generator of the organisation.

In the evening

The battery may not be carried in the aircraft. How does my bicycle with battery come to Morocco?

There are three options.

Transport of bicycle, battery and luggage from Heroldstatt (Ulm / Germany) by the organisation (Service Level Premium).

Transport of luggage and bicycle in the airplane with Bikepack. (Service Level Plus)

& dispatch of the battery by post to the organisation in 72535 Heroldstatt Ligusterweg 5 in Germany 

Transport of bike, battery and luggage from your home by your service team (Service Level Standard)

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