Regulation and Navigation


Counted time

Summ of all driving times and penalties

Penalty leaving track

for each not reached point (GPS Circel not crossed)

20 min

Stage not driven or cancelled

6 hours penalty per half stage (no additional driving time or penalty time)
First half stage = start to battery changing point.
Second half stage = Battery changing point to finish.

6 h

General rules

  • No charging of the battery at the battery change point
  • Battery transport through Orga to the battery change point maximum 750 Wh. Rest in your own backpack.
  • Battery charging allowed during the stage. No time credit for charging duration.
  • First aid is a must. Time credit for first aid
  • No time credit for technical assistance

Example of penalty. Deviation from track. Not crossing the given green GPS circle will result in 20 minutes penalty. The track is monitored by a satellite tracker.


With your Mobile or your GPS following a GPX track. Controll of track by satelit tracker supported by Orga

GPX Viewer

Free Mobile App.
Additional powerbank recomended


Garmin GPS or similar. GPS must be able to show track with minimum 500 points.


Satelite tracker. Renting fee included in entryfee. Deposit of 150€ will be paid back after event.

GPS Data Format

Data is provided in GPX format as a track.
Data will be made available to the participants for download approx. 2 weeks before the rally. The data must be uploaded on your device by your own.