The electric drive gives the speed necessary for driving in the sand. Experiance is necessary to find the best line. Wide tyres (plus tyres) bring a further advantage.


The river oases of Tafilatet extend over an area as large as Berlin. A labyrinth of singletrails serves the local population to reach the individual parcels.

The Labyrinth

Jumping or carrying. The difficult direct line or the faster long way. On 50 km² the Qued Rhiris has washed a labyrinth of deep ditches into the desert. The task:  reaches the control points as quickly as possible.

The event will take place in the desert of southern Morocco. In December there are temperatures between 15 and 25 °C in the sun. Warm clothing is recommended for the night. 

The meeting of the partipitions will be in Erfoud on 27 December. The next day the first stage starts directly at the hotel. The event ends on the morning of 1 January in Mersouga.

The overnight stays take place in typical but upscale hotels. The batteries can be charged at the socket of the hotel room.

Three main categories. Additional subcategories according to the age of the driver.

Normal e-mountinbike. Plus tires and second battery is recommended but not mandatory.

Navigation with GPS or mobile phone navigation app. Predefined points must be achieved. The path between them is your deccision.

Service teams will take over the transport of the bike and luggage to Morocco and inside Morocco.

Arrival by plane is recommended. Bike, luggage and battery can be transported by the service team. Drivers wich arrive with there own vehicle did not need a service team.

Er Rachidia airport is 30 minutes away from the starting hotel. Royal Air Maroc will fly to Rachidia from almost every European country the day before the start of the E-Bike Desert Challenge.

Fez is recommended as an alternative airport. Fez offers the possibility of renting a car for bike luggage and passenger transport.

With Reverse we have a partner who produces stable parts that can withstand extreme conditions.


Entry fee


all Categories


Companion / Service


Bike Transport from South Germany

Recomendation: Transport your bike with the plane and send us your batterie by post to Germany. We will bring the battery for free to morocco



Not included in entry fee

- E-bike with equipment
- Flight or Ferry
- Personons, Bike and Luggage Transport

Included in the entry fee

- 5 x Accommodation hotel
- 5 x breakfast and dinner hotel
- Snack and drinks on the stages

- Rescue in case of problems
- Medical Support
- Route as GPS File
- Rental Tracking System Timing

- Winner Trophys
- Winners and New Year Party