Meeting of the participants is on 15 / 16 January in Fez. By bus it goes over the high Atlas. After the crossing, seven stages lead by bike through the desert. The Challenge ends on 24 January in Marrakech.


The competition is divided into two evaluation groups. The rules are simple. The fastest one on the right track wins.

Entry fee

The entry fee for the event including accommodation and catering with own service team is 1090 Euro. Alternatively you can book your bike, persons and luggage transport through the Orga in and to Morocco. Pickup Bike D-72535 Heroldstatt

From Fez to Marakesh in 10 days. Through different desert landscapes


Three dune areas have to be crossed on the way through the Sahara. Where the bike can no longer drive there is a change to camels.


The river oases of Tafilatet extend over an area the size of Berlin. A labyrinth of single trails is used by the local population to reach the individual parcels.

The Labyrinth

Over a length of 200 km, the Qued Rhiris has washed a labyrinth of deep ditches into the desert. Large parts of the route lead through this fascinating landscape.


Navigation with GPS or mobile navigation app. A GPS track specifies a recommended route. Within a corridor there is a free choice of route. The corridor is monitored by a satellite tracker.

The bike

Normal E-Mountinbike. Plus tires and second battery is recommended but not mandatory.


The accommodation takes place in hotels and desert camps. There you can also charge the batteries at the socket or generator. For the desert camps a warm sleeping bag is necessary.