Timetable Arrival:

Saturday 4 January 2020: (Premium)
Delivery of bike & luggage to D 72535 Heroldstatt.
(Service Level Premium only)

15 January at the latest 16 January 2020
Flight to Fes Hotel Les Merides with the flight you have booked. Rooms reserved from 15 January 13:00. For arrivals on 14 January or early additional room reservations at https://www.lesmerinides.com

Bike Preparation for Transport (Plus & Premium)

Pedals disassembled and fastened with cable ties.If necessary, cover the frame with air cushion foil.

Luggage quantity (Plus & Premium)

1 x bag with clothes & 1 x bag with spare partsTotal weight 25 Kg. Dustproof bags, labelled with names. (Transport by truck, available daily).

1 x tent + sleeping mat in one bag (transport in separate trailer only available in camp, start and finish hotel).

Departure timetable:

25 January 2020

Departure with the flight you booked from Marrakech. Room booked until 25 January 12:00.

For later departures, please extend your room at www.jardinsdezyriab.comOr directly at the hotel.

Starting 8 February 2020
Pick-up bike & luggage in 72535 Heroldstatt.

Who's transporting the luggage?

Depending on the service level you have selected, baggage transport will be carried out by the organisation or by your own support vehicle.

For Service Level Premium,

baggage is transported by the organisation from/to Heroldstatt (D).

For Service Level Plus

the luggage will be transported by the Orga from Hotel Fes / to Hotel Marrakesh.

Luggage Quantity Service Level Standard

At Service Level Standard, the luggage is transported completely by our own support vehicle.

Luggage and passenger transport

How is the luggage transported

(Service level Plus & Premium)

The daily needed luggage will be transported on a offroad truck. The truck drives offroad to the camps. Because of this, the luggage must be packed in shockproof and break-proof and labelled stable bags.

Tent and empty Bike Pack is transported in a trailer which is only accessible in Desert Camp and In the Start and the Finish Hotel.

Transfer of persons (Plus & Premium)

Airport - Hotel = Taxi Standard Price 20€; 200 DHS
Fez - Erfoud (Start) = Orga Vehicles
Off-road vehicles, rally truck or rally buggy.
Zagora - Marrakech ( finish ) = Analog Arrival

Transfer of persons (Standard)

Service Level Standard = By own support vehicle


Karlsruhe - Fes - Marrakesch - Karlsruhe


40 €

Additional flights