Roadbook & Trippmaster

Classic rally navigation according to roadbook. Roadbook app with smartphone and Trippmaster will be provided.

(300 € deposit)

GPS assistance

Support of navigation by GPS route. GPS coordinates for selected roadbook points.

Own smartphone with GPS app, e.g. GPX Viewer or own GPS.

Route will be made available for download in advance

Track controll Komoot

Komoot recording with your own smartphone. Online transmission to evaluation. Penalty for hidden checkpoints not reached.

Recording with your own smartphone and your own Komoot account.

For additional security, transmission of the live position via Whatsapp

Required navigation equipment

- Smartphone with roadbook app (provided)

- Holder for roadbook smartphone (will be provided)

- Own smartphone with GPS app + Komoot with own account + Whatsapp

- Holder for own smartphone

- Optional own GPS with holder

- Powerbank 10.000 mAh + charging cable

The function GPS App, Komoot, Whatsapp can be distributed to several smartphones, e.g. private main smartphone safely stored in the backpack.